Welcome to the Atlas of GWAS Summary Statistics

This atlas is a database of publicly available GWAS summary statistics. Each GWAS can be browsed with the manhattan plot, risk loci, MAGMA (i.e. gene-based) results, SNP heritability and genetic correlations with other GWAS in the database. 600 GWAS were performed in this project based on UK Biobank release 2 data under application ID 16406. Full summary statistics can be downloaded from the original source following the provided links.

If you have/find GWAS summary statistics that are publicly available and not included in this database, please let us know from Report GWAS page. We appreciate any contribution to make the GWAS atlas as comprehensive as possible!! Contributions are acknowledged at the bottom of this page (except anonymous submissions).

Watanabe, K. et al. A global view of pleiotropy and genetic architecture in complex traits. bioRxiv doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/500090

Currently the database contains GWAS from unique studies across unique traits and domains.

Browse GWAS

Overview of each GWAS such as Manhattan plots and QQ plot at SNP and gene levels and genetic correlations with other GWAS in the database.

Multiple GWAS comparison

Multiple GWAS can be compared in terms of genetic correlations, overlap of significant genes based on MAGMA gene-analysis and overlap of genetic risk loci.


PheWAS plot for a SNP or gene can be created across GWAS in the database.

What's new

Allele misspecification for atlas ID 4096, 4098-4155 are fixed. This update only affects EA and NEA columns for the PheWAS table of SNPs.
We have added a page to report missing GWAS from the ATLAS database. We appreciate any contribution and will be acknowledged at the bottom of this page.
Second release of atlas database with in total of 4155 GWAS summary statistics (ID 3799-4155 are new GWASs). The last database curation was done in Oct 2018. Several updates have done for ID 1-3798 (see "DateLastModified" column in the database).
Preprint is now available (doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/500090). The second release of the atlas database (total 4155 GWAS) will be available soon.
First release of atlas database with 3798 GWAS summary statistics. The last database curation was done in Aug 2017. We will update summary statistics published since then, in near future. Publication is under preparation.
First internal release of the website.

Database release

Release 2: v20190117
Release 1: v20180928

Acknowledgements for contributions

Thank you for your contributions!!
Names are ordered by the number of submissions (within square brackets), otherwise arbitral.