Report missing GWAS

We appreciate any contribution of reporting GWAS missing from the current release of GWAS ATLAS. Please fill following information as much as possible. Please also check the table below the submission form, if the GWAS is already reported.
We will manually check if reported GWAS is suitable for the GWAS ATLAS.
Any contribution will be acknowledged on the "Home" page. If you wish to be acknowledged, please provide your name and affiliation. If you wish to stay anonymous, please check the option when you submit.

Email: Please provide an e-mail if possible. We will only contact you if there is any question about the reported GWAS.
Anonymous submission: When this option is checked, name, affiliation and e-mail are only used internally (if necessary), but not displayed publicly.
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Reported GWAS and process status

ID Phenotype Link Publication Year Status Note Date submitted Date last updated